An Exclusive Group Awaits Your Entry

You can contribute to the security of our great nation for many years to come. In doing so, you will reserve a place in the exclusive Heritage Society.


Leave a charitable bequest to the Naval War College Foundation and the impact of your gift could last forever. You will be contributing to the education of our military leaders for generations and your name will be prominently displayed in the lobby of Spruance Auditorium as a proud member of the Heritage Society.


In 2004, the Naval War College Foundation instituted its Planned Giving Program. We asked our members to consider making a bequest to the Foundation in their wills, or provide in some other way for the Foundation in their estate planning such as a charitable gift annuity or making the Foundation a beneficiary of an insurance policy or IRA to mention just a few.


A charitable bequest provides you the opportunity to leave a meaningful gift to the Foundation. A bequest also allows you to make a difference. The work of the Naval War College in preparing its students to defend our country and our ideals will not end soon. Neither will your contribution to this vital task if you make a planned gift to the Foundation in the form of a bequest or other vehicle such as a Charitable Remainder Trust.


The Naval War College is generally regarded as the top defense college in the world. Its accreditation to award a master’s degree is testimony to the quality of its programs. The country benefits enormously from the graduates of this institution.


In 2004 and 2005, the Foundation contributed more than $675,000 to enhance the work of the College. These funds, among other things, provided for a number of lectures and fellowships, assisted with faculty research and curriculum development, sponsored a number of conferences, supported student activities, awarded academic prizes, enriched the museum and historical collections, renovated student seminar rooms and the Naval Staff College wardroom, purchased books for the library, supported the electives program and provided awards to the College’s Senior and Junior Sailors of the Year.


The Naval War College Foundation plans for two types of support to the College. Short term support is provided by membership donations, gifts and grants we receive throughout the year and earnings from our endowment. We also are concerned about longer term assistance that will help us achieve our future vision. This is where planned giving comes into play.


A planned or estate gift to the Foundation can create an endowment which will last in perpetuity. Such a gift will help to ensure that Foundation support for the College will always be there.


Making a change or addition to your will is a relatively simple task to accomplish. You may designate a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to the Foundation and be confident that your gift will assist the College in its important task of educating tomorrow’s military leaders. A beneficiary addition or change to an insurance policy is equally easy.


Your financial advisor can assist you with setting up a charitable remainder trust or an annuity to benefit the Foundation. Some very attractive tax savings and income arrangements are possible which may allow you to make a gift larger than you thought possible.


More than 45 of our members and friends have joined the Heritage Society by making a planned gift to the Foundation. Among them are Life Members Alma Gilmore-Doud and Joe Buff, noted author of Straits of Power, Tidal Rip, Crush Depth and others. Alma and Joe have agreed to share their reasons for contributing to the Foundation in this very powerful way. Please read Alma’s and Joe’s letters below...





Alma Gilmore-Doud on Planned Giving

It is my observation that the Naval War College is the Very Best.


I had three brothers and a late husband (Howard R. Doud), each of whom served in World War II and returned safely. I give great credit for their survival to the leadership skills of those under whom my loved ones served.


I did not serve in the armed forces; however, as a civilian, it is my honor and privilege to be able, in some small way, to help in supporting the efforts of those who have gone before me, and the efforts of those who are yet to serve.


In my adult life I have been taught “to learn, to earn, and to return.”


Two of my role models from whom I have learned are Sheila McNeil, President of the Navy League with whom I visited in Hawaii, and Joanne Crown of Wilmette, Illinois with whom I visited at a Chicago Navy League meeting. Joanne is a Life Member and Trustee Emerita of the Naval War College Foundation whose family has helped to sponsor the Evening Lecture Series at the Naval War College. These two fine ladies, by example, helped to show me an additional way in which I may serve.


The Naval War College Foundation is a blessing to our armed services, and to mankind as well. Part of the great pleasure and joy in my life has been found through my association with the very competent faculty and staff of the Naval War College and the wonderful members of the Foundation.


An organization like this needs money to accomplish its goals. Reminded of this, I was prompted to make a donation to the Foundation through my Irrevocable Remainder Trust (tax deductible by the way)!


Hopefully, this commentary may remind others to do likewise.




The Naval War College has for more than a century been a brilliant keystone of national defense. It’s a pragmatic training ground for naval officers, and a think tank of the very highest intellectual caliber, rolled into one. The College draws on the past and present to help make sure that the United States, as the arsenal of democracy, remains focused and strong going forward. The Naval War College boasts international reach and impact, through the hundreds of people from foreign countries who participate in its programs, gaining inspiration and making friendships that last for life.


But no human life lasts forever. And aggressive war by evil-doers, alas, is an ugly but inescapable reality of the wider global canvas around us. Planned giving to the Naval War College Foundation is thus an outstanding way to create a permanent legacy for peace. Personally returning something to this great and vital institution only seems fair, I believe, in appreciation of having enjoyed all the wonderful day to day benefits flowing from our nation’s hard-won freedoms -- freedoms which the College went a long way toward making possible.


Today, worrisome debate rages over defense budget cuts, including proposed severe reductions to our carrier and submarine fleets -- the capital ships of the 21st century. I’m deeply concerned that the effectiveness of America’s sea power in the years ahead is at risk, if planning horizons are overly short-term or visions of future armed conflict stay too limited. A robust Naval War College now, with its culture of sober minded yet innovative strategic insight and analysis spread far and wide by its generations of graduates, can aid preventing ill-considered, irreversible choices which might later leave us isolated and weak. Having arranged a bequest, to join the Heritage Society, gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I’ve done the most I can to help assure that the College, and the U.S. Navy, for decades to come achieve all their assigned missions in troubled times in an unstable world.