Department of the Navy Releases Arctic Strategy

Jan 6, 2021

The Department of the Navy released its strategy for the Arctic Region, entitled a Blue Arctic. The purpose of the Arctic strategy is to outline the Navy’s guidance for how to apply naval power in the region and how to prepare for an increasingly accessible Arctic as melting sea ice turns once restricted areas into navigable waters.

“As our naval force continues to meet the challenging demands of a Blue Arctic in this era of Great Power Competition, the Department of the Navy remains committed to protecting the Arctic environment and ensuring naval forces do their part to help preserve it,” said Secretary of the Navy Kenneth J. Braithwaite. “This blueprint guides how the Department will continue to provide the right levels and types of presence on, under, and above Arctic water, ensuring America is prepared to compete effectively and efficiently to maintain favorable balances of power. This includes strengthening cooperative partnerships to ensure coordination with key allies and partners in the region.”

To read the full strategy, please visit: A Strategic Blueprint for the Arctic

And to read more about the U.S. Naval War College’s thought leadership on Arctic strategy, you can read Why The Arctic Matters, from the latest issue of the NWCF member magazine, The Bridge.


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