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Learn more about the NWCF and how we collaborate with the Naval War College to prepare today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.

The U.S. Naval War college

The U.S. Naval War College educates students from all branches of service and numerous government agencies about how to forge pathways to peace by learning critical lessons from our past. Listen to NWC faculty and staff speak more about how they achieve this mission in the classroom and beyond.

The Naval War college Foundation

For over 50 years, the Naval War College Foundation has worked alongside the Naval War College to enhance the educational excellence of its academic and research programs. Learn more about the NWCF and how you can support our mission.

Naval War College 101

“It’s critical that the Naval profession has a mid-career school that is not only a place where you can educate future leaders, but is also a repository of that knowledge.” – Dean Thomas Culora, U.S. Naval War College.

The Naval War College Academic experience

“The Naval War College is a fully accredited graduate level institution. We have 3 core courses that students will attend throughout their 10-month experience here. Once they graduate, they are given their joint professional military education accreditation in addition to a full graduate degree.” – Tamara K. Graham, Former Vice President U.S. Naval War College. Learn more about these diverse academic offerings and the rigorous governance structure of the U.S. Naval War College.

Naval War College – Cyber

Discover how the cutting edge cyber operations research, war gaming and strategy development at the U.S. Naval War College is shaping the future of the Navy, Department of Defense, and the Nation’s cybersecurity policy.

Naval War College – International programs

Meet the international community at the U.S. Naval War College and learn about how the relationships formed at the College reinforce and strengthen the global alliances that exist outside of the classroom.

Naval War College – Women, peace, and Security

Sit down with U.S. Naval War College leaders and professors as they discuss the importance of the role of women in addressing global economic and societal issues and in the achievement of peace in the world.


Naval War College – Leadership and ethics

Discover the role that leadership and ethics plays in the study of decision making at the U.S. Naval War College, enhancing students’ ability to lead in the complex and dynamic environments of their operational assignments.


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