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The Bridge

The Bridge is the member magazine of the Naval War College Foundation and complimentary copies are distributed to NWCF members and corporate supporters as a benefit of membership. For more information about how you can receive the latest issue of The Bridge, please contact the NWCF office at

The Bridge – Fall/Winter 2022

The Fall/Winter 2022 issue of The Bridge includes highlights from the Sentinel of the Sea gala and award presentation to General James N. Mattis, USMC (Ret.), the 26th U.S. Secretary of Defense. Additionally, U.S. Naval War College Associate Professor David Kohnen and Roy “Outlaw” Cash, Jr., reflect on a 1975 performance at the USNWC by Johnny Cash, Roy’s uncle. Become a Naval War College Foundation member today to access all The Bridge has to offer!

The Bridge – Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 issue of The Bridge offers articles such as International Programs’ alumni and the International Seapower Symposium and, Prof. Timothy Hoyt on “One Hundred Years Later: The Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921.” Join the NWCF to receive the full issue which includes a feature on recent Sentinel of the Sea recipients, actor and philanthropist Gary Sinise and former Secretaries of the Navy J. William Middendorf and Paul Ignatius; Prof. Jeffrey Shaw on “The Ethiopian-Adal War 1529-1543: The Conquest of Abyssinia” and Assoc. Prof. David Kohnen on baseball and WWI. Join today and begin accessing all The Bridge has to offer!

The Bridge Winter 2021

The Bridge – Summer 2021

The Summer 2021 issue of The Bridge explores the emergence of Artificial Intelligence as a key factor in today’s national security environment. With contributions from USNWC Professors Sam Tangredi, Thomas Creely, Chris Demchak, and CAPT Mike O’Hara on the topic, as well as a Q&A with Professor Jason Kelly about his new book Market Maoists: The Communist Origins of China’s Capitalist Ascent, you don’t want to miss this issue. Check out the preview and join the NWCF to receive your complimentary copy of the full issue today!

The Bridge Summer 2021 edition focused on a theme of Artificial Intelligence

The Bridge – Fall/Winter 2020

The Fall/Winter 2020 issue of The Bridge dives deep into the topic of the Arctic, a region that is becoming a major factor in national security policy discussions as it becomes the focal point for geopolitical issues such as climate change and maritime law. Join the NWCF to receive your complimentary copy today!

The Bridge Fall/Winter 2020 edition featured articles on the Arctic

The Bridge – Spring 2020

The Spring 2020 edition of The Bridge includes an overview of the U.S. Naval War College’s response to COVID-19, commentary from the Navy’s Chief Learning Officer about the future of the Naval War College, an update on the cutting-edge programs offered by the Cyber & Innovation Policy Institute, and so much more.

Cover image of the The Bridge Spring 2020 edition

The Bridge – Fall/Winter 2019

The Fall/Winter 2019 issue of The Bridge includes a retrospective on the first 50 years of the Naval War College Foundation, commentary from NWC professor Dr. Andrew Wilson on the Middle Powers in the Indo-Pacific region, a feature on the Naval War College’s Institute for Future Warfare Studies (IFWS) by the Leidos Chair of Future Warfare Studies, Dr. Sam Tangredi, and much more.


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