Chairman’s Circle

Donors who contribute $10,000 or more become annual members of the Chairman’s Circle. The patriotic individuals and businesses listed below are Chairman’s Circle members for 2023.

Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust
Mr. Robert Alvine
Analysis & Resilience Center for Systemic Risk
Mrs. Barbara Bakar
Dr. Stephanie Bennett-Smith
Mr. Philip M. Bilden and Dr. Patricia Bilden
Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation, Inc.
RADM Julius S. Caesar, USN (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan A. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan H. Cocroft
RDML A.B. Cruz III, USN (Ret) and Dr. Jill Cruz
Mrs. Nancy W. Cushing Evans and Mr. Robert B. Evans
Mr. Dominic A. Dannessa, PhD and Mrs. Josette Dannessa
Mr. Paul A. Dimitruk and Mrs. Ingrid Dimitruk
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Dunmire
Mr. and Mrs. James Eagan
CAPT and Mrs. James F. Giblin Jr.
Ms. Leslie R. Grosvenor
Chairman and Mrs. Daniel E. Holland III
Mr. Bill Hunnicutt
CAPT David P. Hunter, USNR (Ret.) and Mrs. Paula Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Isham
J.F. Lehman & Company
Kempenaar Real Estates, Inc.
CAPT George E. Lang Jr., USN (Ret.), and Dr. Wendy Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Liebert
Lockheed Martin Corporation
The Honorable and Mrs. Ronald K. Machtley
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Matthews
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert C. McCormack
Ambassador Juliette C. McLennan *
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Metcalf

* Deceased

Mr. George G. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morgan
George K. Moss and Joyce L. Moss
Mr. Douglas L. Newhouse and Dr. Holly M. Bannister
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Obenshain
Mr. Ronald P. O’Hanley
Mr. John R. Peracchio
Pritzker Military Foundation
CDR Joseph Purcell and Mrs. Lisa Purcell
Mr. Daniel P. Quigley and Mrs. Jennifer Quigley
Rodgers Family Foundation
Ms. Barbara Schoenfeld and Dr. Larry Schoenfeld
LCDR Kenneth F. Scigulinsky
Ms. Willow B. Shire
Mr. Dwight D. Sipprelle and Mrs. Susan Sipprelle
Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Terwilliger
The Weismann Foundation
van Beuren Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Archbold D. van Beuren
Mrs. Hope H. van Beuren
Mr. Mitchell B. Waldman and Mrs. Debbie Waldman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Weatherbie


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