In Case You Missed It: January Virtual Events from the Naval War College

Feb 1, 2021

These January 2021 virtual events hosted by the U.S. Naval War College are now available for replay:

U.S. Naval War college hosted a virtual National Security Significance of a Changing Climate (NSSCC) seminar titled, “Risk and Resilience in the 21st Century.” This conference explores the national security and economic implications of climate change on the current and future security landscape. Strategically and operationally, this affects both our allies and adversary’s behavior leading to the open-ended question—what does it mean if the Department of Defense (DoD) adopts a posture that focuses on the strategic implications of climate change? 

Introduction Watch >

SECNAV Pre-Recorded Remarks Watch >

SECNAV, Hon. Alice Hill, & Panel 1 – How a Changing Climate Affects Global Power Competition Watch >

Panel 2 – The Impacts of the Changing Climate on Fragile States Around the World Watch >

Panel 3 – Domestic Security Implications: Operations within the Homeland Watch >

Panel 4 – Department of Defense Budget and Infrastructure Considerations Watch >

Panel 5 – Blue Competition: U.S. & International Efforts to Develop a Blue Economy Watch >


U.S. Naval War College Professor Pauline M. Shanks Kaurin, Ph.D. sits down with author August Cole as they discuss how fiction can influence policy in this NWC Lecture of Opportunity (LOO), “The Robot Made Me Do It.” Watch >

U.S. Naval War College Professor David Burbach presents on “National Security and Space,” in the ninth Issues in National Security Lecture Series (INS). Watch >

U.S. Naval War College Professor Pauline M. Shanks Kaurin, Ph.D. and Associate Professor Thomas J. Gibbons, Ed.D. discuss, “What is Honesty, Are Most People Honest, and How Can We Become More Honest” in this NWC Lecture of Opportunity (LOO). Watch >

In the continuing series NWC Talks, Lt. Col. Ross Coffey examines security cooperation as an element of the military instrument of power. Focusing the discussion at the combatant command echelon, Lt. Col. Coffey describes the importance of full-spectrum capabilities, emphasizes the value of foreign policy alignment, and provides practical examples found in the U.S. Africa Command area of responsibility in this episode titled, “Security Cooperation – Advancing and Defending U.S. Interests with Lt. Col. Ross Coffey.” Watch >

Director, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Lt. Gen. Michael Groen speaks to NWC students and faculty on “Artificial Intelligence and Transformation: How AI will Change Warfare” in this Lecture of Opportunity (LOO). Watch >

NWC Professor Walter Berbrick, Director of the Arctic Studies Group, served as an adviser to the Department of the Navy on their strategic blueprint for the Arctic region. He examines that strategy in this Naval War College Lecture of Opportunity.

Watch >

Join Ms. Jessica Fowler and Mr. Blake Ruehrwein as they speak on “Modern Monuments Men” in this tenth NWC Issues in National Security Lecture Series (INS). Watch >

Join Mr. Gregory Collins, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Resilience and Food Security and USAID Resilience Coordinator as he discusses an extremely relevant topic, “Food Security and COVID 19” in this NWC Lecture of Opportunity. Watch >


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