National Security Commission on AI Releases Final Report

Apr 27, 2021

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence released its strategy for the use of Artificial Intelligence for national security and defense.

From the Executive Summary:

The NSCAI Final Report presents an integrated national strategy to reorganize the government, reorient the nation, and rally our closest allies and partners to defend and compete in the coming era of AI-accelerated competition and conflict. It is a two-pronged approach. Part I, “Defending America in the AI Era,” outlines the stakes, explains what the United States must do to defend against the spectrum of AI-related threats, and recommends how the U.S. government can responsibly use AI technologies to protect the American people and our interests. Part II, “Winning the Technology Competition,” addresses the critical elements of the AI competition and recommends actions the government must take to promote AI innovation to improve national competitiveness and protect critical U.S. advantages. The recommendations are designed as interlocking and mutually reinforcing actions that must be taken together.

To read the Executive Summary: NSCAI Final Report Executive Summary

To read the full report: NSCAI Final Report

To watch the hearing on the report: Armed Services Subcommittee Hearing


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