Naval War College Foundation Publishes 2022 Annual Report

Jun 8, 2023

The Naval War College Foundation is pleased to share our 2022 annual report. As Chairman Philip M. Bilden and CEO CAPT George E. Lang, Jr., USN (Ret.), said in their letter, “All of the incredible accomplishments this year would not be possible without the tireless support and invaluable expertise of our esteemed Board of Trustees, the commitment and dedication of our staff, and the boundless generosity of our valued members, supporters and friends. Their combined time, talent, and treasure enabled the NWCF to bolster the educational excellence and prestige of the U.S. Naval War College (USNWC).”

In 2022, our unrestricted support to the College increased by 10% year-over-year. The generosity of our donors, members, and friends allowed the Foundation to provide $3.1M to the USNWC in support of our national security, to be used for funding priorities such as endowed chairs, conferences and events, research and scholarship, capital improvements, regional studies programs and achievement awards.

The Naval War College Foundation is grateful for the patriotic support of dedicated individuals like you, which enables us to continue to provide critical financial support to USNWC and helps us advance our mission to educate today; secure tomorrow.

To read the full report: 2022 Annual Report


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