NWCF Virtual Lecture Series: Urban Outbreak 2019 and the NWC COVID-19 Response

Apr 27, 2020

Join Naval War College professor Dr. Hank Brightman, EMC Informationist Chair and acting director of the NWC’s College of Maritime Operational Warfare Humanitarian Response Program (HRP), as he explains the constructs and outcomes from the 2019 Urban Outbreak war game, a simulation involving a pandemic similar to the coronavirus. In this presentation, Brightman reviews the findings from the simulation and discusses the efforts of the Humanitarian Response Program to support the fight against COVID-19.

Supporting documentation for the lecture is available here.

The Virtual Lecture Series is an online complement to our popular Newport Lecture Series. The videos feature the world class faculty and staff from the Naval War College discussing the research and analysis they engage in on daily basis – work that has real world implications beyond the College.


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