The Naval War College in the News: Results of Outbreak Simulation Revealed We Were Not Prepared

Mar 17, 2020

As the world faces challenges of epic proportions owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the Naval War College (NWC) continues to fulfill its mission: To educate and develop competent and ethical leaders, support combat readiness, strengthen global maritime partnerships, help define the future of our service branch, and contribute original strategy and legal research to the national and international community.

There are many ways in which the NWC contributes original strategy to the national and international community. Recently, just three months before coronavirus became known to the world, the NWC and the National Center for Disaster Medicine & Public Health hosted a two-day simulation, “Urban Outbreak.” The simulation brought together both public and private sector experts to model an outbreak, the likes of which the world is now experiencing. The sobering results revealed what we now have come to know: the world was not prepared for an outbreak such as coronavirus. The NWC’s simulation is the subject of an article by Clifton Leaf in the most recent issue of Fortune magazine, which you can read here.

The NWC and the Naval War College Foundation cannot thank our members and donors enough for your generous support which makes possible, in-part, simulations like “Urban Outbreak.” Your philanthropy has been used to support the College and its integral work to inform, instruct and signal to the national and international community the important and necessary work that needs to be done. Because of you, our Foundation provides that margin of excellence to the College so it may continue to work for a more safe and secure world. Should you wish to continue to work in philanthropic partnership with us in vital support of the College, please click here. We are strong because of you, and we cannot thank you enough.

On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, staff and our colleagues at the College, we thank you again for your invaluable support and wish you continued health as together, we address the serious challenges before us.


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