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artificial intelligence on the front lines

Welcome to the Naval War College Foundation’s 2021-2022 Artificial Intelligence Symposium Series. As a part of this enlightening series, you’ll have a front-row seat as distinguished speakers reveal and discuss the burgeoning impacts of artificial intelligence on leadership and national security. To catch up on key points from our previous events, watch our video highlights.

What you’ll learn

At its core, AI is moving us away from the limits of the human senses and into an era of heightened cognition where human objectives are in lockstep with advanced technology. As a military leader, professional leader or engaged citizen, you’ll discover how our country can provide a path forward to a future where we have harnessed the power of AI before our adversaries and strengthened America’s military interests, business interests, and national security around the world.

symposium #3 Harnessing AI to Advance National Security

Join us on the front lines for this exciting event!

Symposium #2: Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Defense

Watch the replay: AI and Its Impact on Defense

Symposium #1: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Modernization for Future Leaders

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