Commandant of the Marine Corps Releases Planning Guidance

Jan 11, 2020

General David Berger, USMC, the 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps, released his Commandant’s Planning Guidance (CPG) and Commandant’s Intent. The CPG provides the 38th Commandant’s strategic direction for the Marine Corps and mirrors the function of the Secretary of Defense’s Defense Planning Guidance (DPG). It serves as the authoritative document for Service-level planning and provides a common direction to the Marine Corps Total Force.

From the Intent:

My vision is for the Marine Corps to be manned, trained, and equipped as the worlds premier naval expeditionary forceinreadiness; forwardpostured with the fleets to deter conflict and respond to crisis; and globally recognized as an elite Corps of Marines of exceptional talent and virtue

As we look ahead and visualize the Marine Corps our Nation needs, we require the assistance and support of every Marine those serving and those who have served. My Commandants Intentis framed by five priority focus areas: force design, warfighting, education and training, core values, and command and leadership.

Read the Commandant’s Intent.

Read the CPG.


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