DoD Releases AI Education Strategy

Oct 31, 2020

As required by the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, the Department of Defense (DoD) has released a strategy for educating service members in relevant fields on artificial intelligence (AI). The primary objective for the AI Education Strategy is “to accelerate the delivery of AI capabilities at scale.”

The strategy states:

The future of AI in the DoD relies on the Department’s ability to build and develop a workforce for the digital era. AI is a human-centric endeavor – developed by people, for people – and because humans will ultimately make the decisions that are informed by AI capabilities, an AI ready force is essential to delivering AI at scale. This includes both technical and non-technical roles, across all grades and ranks, civilian and military.

However, there is a global war for talent. DoD is not yet postured to compete with industry in hiring the large numbers of experienced, top-tier AI talent needed to build and deploy AI across the DoD. As aresult, DoD must prioritize educating and training its incredibly diverse and talented workforce to deliver AI capabilities at scale across the Department.

To read the full strategy: DoD AI Education Strategy


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