“Feeding Greyhounds” and the U.S. Navy’s Evolution from Coal to Oil

Mar 29, 2021

The Naval War College Foundation, in partnership with the Pritzker Military Foundation, on behalf of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library, is pleased to share with you “’Feeding ‘Greyhounds’: Fueling the U.S. Navy ‘Second to None’ in the First World War Era,” by U.S. Naval War College Professor David Kohnen.

This exceptional work bridges the historical gaps between the First and Second World Wars by examining trends through the unique experiences of Admirals William S. Sims, Ernest J. King, and Chester W. Nimitz. “Feeding Greyhounds” will help readers better understand the influence of history as American naval practitioners in the era of President Theodore Roosevelt progressively shaped the U.S. Navy as it evolved from coal to petroleum fuels.

Refeuling USS Maumee

Readers will discover many original sources that appear for the very first time in published form. This publication, like previous publications we have shared from Professor Kohnen, is in full color accented by photos and images of documents and artifacts from the Naval War College Museum collections.

To read “Feeding Greyhounds” in PDF form, please visit: “Feeding Greyhounds” by David Kohnen

About the author:

David Kohnen is the Captain Tracy Barrett Kittredge Scholar of War Studies and Maritime History. He earned his Ph.D. with the Laughton Professor of Naval History in the War Studies Department at the University of London, King’s College London. He subsequently served as the founding director of the John B. Hattendorf Center for Maritime Historical Research and as executive director of the Naval War College Museum. In his published works, Kohnen focuses upon the history of the British Empire and its influence upon American sea power.


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